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Affliction (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series #22) - Laurell K. Hamilton I'm not even sure how to start this review.....but I will say that this book was by FAR my favorite in last couple years.LAST couple years...huh....EXACTLY.........this series has been on a downward spiral for many years but I love these characters so I've stuck it out to see........WHAT could possibly change...CAN this series be revived.....YES it can!!!!!!!!!OMG I loved this book!!!!!!!!I truly didn't think that this series would ever go back to the way it was in the beginning.....bc remember this is book 22 in this series and I've stuck in there and read every damn one of them!!!! I was so happy to have most of the main characters back in this book.....however I WANT...i need....more Jean-Claude. Yea he was here this time but NOT nearly enough for my taste!!I freaking love Jean-Claude...I need that vampire in MY LIFE!!!!!!!!The things that still bugged me was all the descriptions of what people looked like.....damn I get it.....I got it the first time they were described and I still get it....please quit telling me over and over again. Also the rehashing of things that have happened in the past......once is enough we don't need it re explained 3 times in a book.However those were my only problems.....we got Anita back! She's gotten more control of her powers and she brought out her necromancy like a BOSS!!!!LOVED LOVED LOVED this installment in this series and I'm crazy excited about the next book because Asher is back and I love his jealous ass!!!!!

Handle with Care

Handle with Care - Josephine Myles Free on Amazon today!!

On Demon Wings: Experiment in Terror #5

On Demon Wings: Experiment in Terror #5 - I read the book......I loved the book......Enough said!!!!!!Poor Perry she had a lot of issues in this book..Ups and downs.....A couple clowns....People who just wouldn't believe in her .....But one did come through...One true savior...I bet you know who;)))))This series gets better and better and BETTER!!!Thank you B for helping me make poetry tonight...hahahahahahah!!! Even if I sound like Dr. Seuss!!!!!On to the next book in this series:))))))))))).

Lying Season

Lying Season - Karina Halle People let me just say....THIS BOOK IS CRAZY GOOOOOOOOD!!!Yes people that good!!!!!!! It has every thing and every thing is FABULOUS!!!It has....Spooky parts....if it scares you just read those real fast....a quick peek will not hurt you!A bitchy girlfriend....some one needs to put her in her place!!!! One can only be nice for so long then it's ON!!!Crush on a boy.....I love Dex too!!I could go on and on but Dex and Perry are great.....every book gets better and I fall in love a little more each time!!!!!I'm off to start book 5 because this has a huge cliff!!!! I mean HUGE, I'm sooooooo happy that I waited because it was ipad would have suffered from my anger!!!!I'm not writing big reviews for these books because one wrong word could be a huge spoiler........I want everyone to be surprised so I'm not giving anything away....READ it with a blank slate only knowing they are will not be disappointed(well after you get through book 1) once you get past that it's fantastic!!!! Pick it up and read!!!!!
Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle Dex and Perry Rock!!!!!!!This was the best book in this series, so far!!!!I loved it from start to finish....simply awesome!!!!!!!The island was crazy spooky...perfect!!! By far it was the spookiest book of the 3. Dex and Perry reveal a little more to one another with each book and I'm loving them more and more as these books continue!!I'm starting to have a Dex fetish.....I love his crazy ass!!I can't wait to start book 4 tonight!!!!
Red Fox - Karina Halle Hallelujuah!!!! This book was WAY better than it's predecessor!!!!!!I almost gave up half way through book 1 but thanks to all my goodread friends I pushed on and finished!!! They told me it would get better and I would fall in love with Perry and Dex.....I didn't believe them but now I'm starting to see things their way!!So I would like to give you all a big Thank You for encouraging me to continue...This book was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than book 1.....sorry but true!!! I'm loving Perry and Dex....I'm on to the next one now!!!!!!!I would still like more interaction between Perry and Dex.....but I'm dealing with it:))))***Buddy read with the fab Vishous***
Darkhouse - Karina Halle Dex and Perry...Two amateur ghost hunters who have lots and lots of secrets.....Some would call them CRAZY but would I.....nah!!Their reality is some what skewed but I ended up loving these two quirky characters!!!This book started out just kinda "meh" for me. The descriptions were overly wordy and there was barely any dialogue between the main characters. I struggled because I really wanted to like this book, I had heard great things about this series!!! Well finally, after almost dnf'ing the book, it happened at about 60%!!! The moment I was waiting for......hell I don't even know precisely what turned it around but I'm sooooo happy it happened!! So the last 40%...was great!!!!! The clown lady also helped....I LOVED her creepy ass!!!! She was about the creepiest thing I encountered:)Happy Dance!!!!!Although I think it helped that there was more interaction in the 2nd half of this book.Now on to the spooky or scary aspect of this book....well it just wasn't scary at all. I don't know maybe I've read to many paranormal books and I'm immune to it now...but just NO on the scary for me.However, I did enjoy the characters....I'm VERY VERY curious about what will happen next, so I'm starting the next book NOW!!!So in the end....Very happy I stuck with it and finished.....I also have heard the books only get better from here:))*****buddy read with Vishous******

Lick (Stage Dive, #1)

Lick - Kylie Scott Hot damn this book was gooooooooood!!!! “What do you remember?” he asked, voice hardening just a little. “Well … it’s hazy.” “No.” His frown increased until it owned his handsome face. “You have got to be f*cking kidding me. You seriously don’t know?”What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas........well not always....especially when you accidently get drunk and marry a Rockstar!!!!YES WOMAN YOU DID!!!! But what a fine specimen you decided to drunkenly marry!!!!!!David, the guitarist for Stage Dive, fell in love with Evelyn at first site. Evelyn is honest and direct, plus she doesn't have a clue who David she treats him like a regular person. That hasn't happened to him in awhile so of course...he can't get enough but as always real life intrudes and messes it all up!!!!"I feel your manpain, bro. Really, I do. I mean, all you wanted was a girl that wouldn’t kiss your ass for once and now you’re pissed at her for the same damn reason. It’s complicated, right?”In a word this book was.....You had 2 people who wanted to know more about each other but they were both scared, embarassed and just not sure what to think. She was just an average college girl, so she doesn't understand his life and everything involved with it.There's lawyers trying to annul their marriage and people who will not be named trying to come in between them.........I LOVED IT!!!!!! This book went back and forth CONSTANTLY sometimes I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out but in the end....LOVED IT!!!! I can't wait for Mal's book....his character was absolutely GREAT, Kinda similar to Griffin from Thoughtless, but not that cold hearted!!!Read it PEOPLE you will LOVE it!!!!

The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1)

The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling Jack and CassieGirl meets boy......and of course they fall in love!!They meet at a frat party and even though Scarlett has been warned of his "player status." She eventually falls head over heels in love with the star pitcher of the baseball team.“He was beautiful. And he was charming. And a man-whoring pig. God, what is wrong with me?”Oh yeah and he looked good in that tight baseball uniform....WHEW!!“It’s irritating how good he looks in his uniform, right?” I jerked my head back toward her. “Seriously. Why does he have to be so hot?”“’Cause he’s a jerk. Jerks are always hot,” Melissa reminded me with a nod.”No worries it's a weak spot for all normal women;)The first 50% of this book was such a sweet and beautiful romance. How one girl could turn this bad boy around and make him worship her......sooooooooo sweet!!Then Jack gets drafted to the big leagues so they have to figure out a way to make their love survive in a long distance relationship.That's where it became MY KIND OF BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And why was it my kind of book you ask?Because everything went WRONG in the last 50%..........LOTS LOTS LOTS of favorite!!!!I wanted to scream at Jack........His decisions were absolutely terrible....just when I thought it couldn't get did!!Cassie had rules to follow, that she herself made....Rule number one: Don't lieRule number two: Don't cheatRule number three: Don't make promises you can't keepRule number four: Don't say things you don't meanYea that's good and all but.....I will just say after reading this roller coaster of emotions....the ending was beautiful! Let me repeat myself though I love these uber angsty books and I know some people don't so read with caution!I quit highlighting quotes after 50% because it was just so good I couldn't take the time to swipe my finger....that's why there's no quotes for the last half...sorry.But remember in the end there is an HEA and it's sooooooooooo sweet!!!Happy Reading!!!
Ambrosia (Book Boyfriend, #2) - Erin Noelle “If you love something, let it go, and if it’s meant to be, it’ll come back’ or some shit like that."The love triangle is back....Scarlett has returned from her 8 month disappearance and guess who's arm she runs back to....cue the drums!!hahahaahaha! I'm not telling!!But just know that all points of the triangle will be visited in this book. Hell at one point I thought we might be moving toward a square....but that was just an.....It's crazy good too!!! I liked this book better than the first because I love mega ANGSTY books and this one definitely delivered for me. So now let's visit our teams:)Team MasonScarlett is his angel.There is a lot of Mason in the first half of this book but then his music calls him away. So that puts a definite strain on their relationship, plus his manager is his ex and she's with him. Also when Mason gets pissed off at the wedding......PERFECT!!!!!All of that equals to mistrust and jealousy flying rampant.........I love jealousy in books.Will they work it out or will she run back to her "soulmate?"********************************************************Team AshScarlett is his butterfly.Ash is kind of there through out, popping in occasionally to plead his case for hurting her in the first book. But honestly I felt like he was too soft in this book for me. I don't know I just didn't like him as much in this one.....sorry to all the team Ash fans but that's just how I feel.The whole "soulmate" thing, well I just didn't get that same feeling with her and Ash as I did the in last book.*********************************************************How ever Scarlett never actually chooses either of them, it always seems like circumstances or issues push her in one of their directions....she never chooses one over the other.I want her to CHOOSE.....of her own freewill..... because in the end of the book Mason's stupid actions make her go running to him.Although I would run to Mason too...I bet you can't guess which team I choose...Happy reading everyone!!!!!!!

Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend, #1)

Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend, #1) - Erin Noelle Who knew she would show and up in cowboy boots and all the boys would fall at her feet! Scarlett you naughty little's those innocent one's....and I do mean innocent that gets all the boys front and center!But I'm a country girl so I personally thinks the cowboy boots helped;)So Scarlett's off to college and out from under her OVERLY controlling parents, she's ready to spread her wings and live HER life. She's went to an all girl school her entire life so she's never had a boyfriend but all that is about to change for our sweet innocent Scarlett.Girl meets boy...this boy his name is Ash. He looks like surfer with his shaggy blond hair, she's immediately attracted and drawn to him. But their relationship is weird he wants them to just be friends, he wants her to live life and not get tied down. '“The attraction, the connection, I feel towards you is so strong, it scares me..... if I had a taste of that sweet innocence, I would completely consume you… and that wouldn’t be healthy for either of us. You need this time for yourself.”But even though they are friends there is a VERY deep connection between the two.Ash calls her his butterfly....Girl then meets another boy.....damn now shes got 2 fine ass men....his name is Mason. His touch electrofies her....sets her on FIRE!!!!! He is covered in tats and piercings .......Holy mother of little bunnies everywhere he is delicious every time the author described him, I wanted to crawl in the book and devour him. “He was used to being the center of attention and had probably never been denied by a female in his life. I knew that his arrogance should have turned me off and made me run the other way, but there was something about his cockiness that I found irresistible, and his drop dead good looks didn’t hurt either.”........“The guy oozed with pure, unadulterated sex. I was so out of my league”Mason calls her his angel......awwwwww so sweet!!How could a woman know what to do in this situation...wouldn't you be kissing them both?I know I would!!! Oh and they are both man whores.....just shoot me now because I've died and gone to heaven.....I love reading about man whores!!“Why was it that I was insanely attracted to male whore musicians”I don't know why but I ask my that daily too sweetheart:). Then something tragic happens, to someone very close to Scarlett. The person she thought would be there for her makes a very bad decision and hurts her badly.In the end she claims she knows who she loves.But which one will she choose in the end? Is that really the best one for her?I'm still completely undecided which one I like more because honestly I would NEVER be able to choose between these two;)Book 2 here I come!!!!!!

Black Heart (Cursed Hearts, #1)

Black Heart (Cursed Hearts, #1) - R.L. Mathewson I'm not sure where to start with this review, so I'm just going to go with how I felt while reading.In the beginning we meet Tristan and he was grumpy but hilarious at the same time. So I was all kinds of excited about him!!!!Not that he ever let me down, actually all the characters were fabulous and witty. Marty, a female, well THE female in this book was ok maybe not my favorite female lead but ok at the same time. She stood her ground and didn't let Tristan walk all over her....he has a habit of that.Then we get to meet Shayne....OMG and my excitement level exploded. He was SOOOOOO funny...everything he said was great!!! But there's something a little different about him...can't tell you what it is though.I knew nothing about this book when I read it so I'm not going to give away anything. A friend asked me to read it and I said, "ok."Then my excitement level kind of waned because things got slightly repetitive around 50%...everybody was saying the same thing...the inner monologues were getting to I started skimming. I kind of starting feeling like this... Ok then at 65% - 70%......I don't even know what the hell happened....this book took a life of it's own and went in a direction that left me saying.....Maybe that was my own fault for not knowing more about the book but in other words I had a BIG WTF moment!!!!So all in all I'm glad I read this book but at the same I'm still scratching my head... buddy read with Blacky, Rachel and Vishous

Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1)

Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1) - Christine Zolendz Grace has been searching for her long lost love and I mean looooonnnnnggggg lost love.......for.......get this 1000's of years.Yea there's a little paranormal twist with this book.....lucky for me because I like PNR:))So she's searched and still searching saving herself for her true love but, and here's the catch, she doesn't know what he looks like now. Damn gotta hate that.So every time she tries to get close to a guy something just pulls her back and she can't follow through with it.She moves in with her friend and meets Shane. Shane is all kinds of panty dropping hotness! He sings in a local band and ALL the women love him. Grace just thinks he's a man whore and she isn't shy, which is why I love her too, so she tells him exactly what she thinks about him...quite often.“You know, Shane, the people that walk around you every day?  Each of them has a life separate then you.  Pasts, pains, loves and losses.  You don’t know me.  I am a hell of a lot more than a fifteen-minute screw, and sadly, most of your other friends are too. You just don’t ever see that from between their legs”Still shes drawn to him and doesn't understand why.......I could tell her why because he's all kinds of delicious!!“Lean toned muscles stretched beneath the skin of his tattooed arms. One perfectly sculpted hand caressed the mic stand; the other ran through his perfect hair.  His husky voice whispered its song. It silenced the crowd as if he was a god.”But why is she drawn to him? What is it about Shane that she can't seem to stay away from him? Why does she constantly have butterflies in her stomach when he's around?Read it and find out!!Lots and Lots and Lots of sexual tension in this book....OMG it was great!! You just wanted to smash them together and tell them to DO IT already!! This book has a HUGE cliff....thank goodness the other book is already out or I would have exploded if I had to wait.....the cliff is that BIG!!!!!

The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2)

The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2) - Kristen Ashley





“He is a savage. Tales of his exploits have spread wide. Very cruel. Heartless.”


King Lahn or Dax Lahn if you speak Korwahk



He is a savage and me likey savages!!!!!!!! He was so perfect in every primitive way possible!! The people that he ruled, the Korwahk nation are basically savages, the warriors pick their brides in a hunt.


Yes people a hunt!! All the beauties of many nations are basically kidnapped and the warriors, of this race of people, get to pick their bride but then they have to hunt them and battle for the rights for her. If you lose well tough shit, you should of fought harder!


It's crazy....but CRAZY GOOD!!!!!! Like crazy good I would like to be in the hunt...I mean these warriors fighting for you.....



Of course Dax Lahn, or King Lahn, won his prize because he is BADASS!!!! OMG I cant even explain it properly......he's just that good!!


Now he has his bride...his Queen...Circe. She's the Golden Queen...his Tigress. However, Lahn didn't get a submissive female from his world. Oh no no no.....Circe comes from our world.


He just doesn't understand this woman telling what to do but he REALLY really likes his little tigress!!! Or as he would say, "Kah Lahnahsahna." So he's trying and bless his savage heart he does try!!!!


Circe has now become one of my all time fav female book characters. She was great, I loved her character because she was intimidated by Lahn but at the same time she wasn't...she stayed true to herself through out and gave a few concessions but so did he, so that was understandable.



These two are fabulous together!!!! This book takes you through a lot of ups and downs with them but it's so worth it!!! This books was crazy, gruesome at times, beautiful, it was literally a little of everything and... I loved IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sometimes with books I REALLY love I don't know how to express how great they are and this is one them!!! Honestly I'm not a huge KA fan but this book to me is fantastic......these characters will remain with me for a long time!!!


buddy read with Vishous and Blacky:))))))

Love Plus One (G-Man, #2) - Andrea  Smith “What’s on the agenda, Taz?” “We’re going to my place,” he replied very matter-of-factly. “We’re going to fuck.” “Wait,” I sputtered, finally. “What?” “What part didn’t you understand?” he asked, glancing over at me” My response to that was gimme some....PLEASE!!!!!So I'm gonna start with the things I liked:1. Taz was all kinds of hot!!! Yes, he was!!!!2. Lindsey was a great I really liked her...she wasn't whiny she was fabulous! She knew what she wanted and didn't care who approved...mainly her mother.3. I loved that Slate and Sammie were a huge part of this story but as side characters....they didn't over shadow the MC's.4. The storyline is still loosely tied to the first book, so we get some closure there.5. Of course we get a very sweet HEA:)6. I love reading series with the same characters, I feel like I get to know them so I love it when they continue on with the books, as these characters have!So that was my moving on:)Things that were so-so for me:Let me state when I say "so-so for me," it's just my opinion, it doesn't reflect anything towards the's just a personal thing for me.1. Lindsey needed her "V" card swiped. Now books about virgins hit a touchy spot with me because...well I know it's freaking fiction but dammit it should hurt and they shouldn't have an orgasm. OK maybe I'm mean because I want them to hurt and as I said it's fiction.2. Well there was a scene in the book I felt a little uneasy about, it was a tragic horrible thing.....I can't tell you with out spoilering but it was just terrible. I typically don't read books with that in them so it took me by surprise. If you want to know what it is read the book;)3. There was some medical things that went down....I'm a nurse so I hate reading about what I deal with everyday. So those were my "so-so" moments....caused me a little shoulder shrug.The book as whole was good! I'm glad I read it!!!!I would love to get Taz alone in a room for about an hour or 2 because....Happy reading everyone!!Thank you Andrea for giving me an arc!!!
Diamond Girl (G-Man, #1) - Andrea  Smith "My feelings had to count for once. If they didn’t, then I hadn’t learned anything from the past nineteen years of marriage to the mannequin. I was done being that person that allowed someone else to define their existence."This is a book about trying to find yourself... What am I? What do I want?Sammie has been told what to do her whole life. She got pregnant as a teenager and was forced to marry......she was a wife to someone she didn't love. Well now she's DONE, she's 35 and her daughter, Lindsey, has gone off to college. Her douche bag husband, Jack, travels for business so it's time for Sammie to figure out who she is.So she takes some pole dancing classes......she loves it. So she finds a job where she can show off her new skills. It's quick cash, the establishment that she works at she doesn't actually have to strip, so it works for her. Yeah I know most places clothing isn't an option but it's fiction people just go with it.That's where she meets Slate. He's a biker with the Outlaw motorcycle club, or is he? He's hot but he's also very mysterious. Of course our sweet Sammie notices him and things get hot people!!!!! "I gazed up into the very intense blue eyes of one of the bikers. He was tall and muscular; his thick, dark hair hit just below the collar of his leather jacket. His face was rugged, yet young. He was gorgeous."However Slate has some BIG secrets and some of those secrets concern her family. Because remember she's still married but Slate doesn't care. At first he came across as an overbearing jerk and I couldn't understand why she would go from one controlling jerk to another. However Slate redeemed himself quickly!!!!This book has lies, cheating, drugs, motorcycles, law enforcement and best friends who stick by you no matter what happens. If you don't like cheating this book probably isn't the book for you, although her husband is such an ass you will completely understand her reasoning. I enjoyed this book and all the ups and downs that went with it. There were a couple times I thought I was getting a little bored but then BAM something would happen and I was speed reading again. I loved the ending and I've already started book's about Sammie's daughter Lindsey and, Slate's friend, Taz. Book provided by the author for an honest review

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