Sex Love Repeat - Alessandra Torre

Sex Love RepeatSex Love Repeat by Alessandra Torre
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“I get that you don't understand—that you wonder how someone could possibly be aroused by the thought of something so forbidden. But often, it is the forbidden that is the hottest, and the depraved that is the most arousing”

So this is a love triangle however both men are aware of the fact that there is someone is else. But the two guys Stewart and Paul don't know each other, Madison makes sure to keep the lives very separate.

Stewart is a business suit workaholic and just doesn't have time for Madison, so he suggest she get a man that can give her a steady relationship as long as the man knows that he will STILL be in the equation also.

Now enter Paul......him and Madison meet at a roller coaster and their love life evolves from there. Paul is the
quintessential California surfer boy.... carefree and loving. Madison also loves to surf so they are perfect for each other!!

All goes great until an accident brings them ALL together and we find out something that REALLY puts a twist in this perfect threesome! It was a big wrench thrown in to mix but that's all I'm saying.

I can't tell you what that is without spoiling everything you will just have to read it and find out.

I love love LOVE triangles....they are one of my all time favorites to read about but once the "it" was revealed that I can't talk about everything was so anticlimactic from that point on. Triangles are supposed to draw HUGE emotions from the characters once they find out the other or the identity in this know what I mean like "CHOOSE me I love you, he will never love you like I can!!!!" Fist fighting maybe because they are fighting to be her only one. I hope you see where I was going with this but yea NO that didn't happen all! There was a different dynamic here than with a normal triangle, if you read it you'll understand what I mean but still at that point in the book it fell flat for me.

The first 55-60%
Amazing, hot, sexy, I was glued to this book!! Couldn't put it down!! There was scene in particular!! Ovary explosion!!!

You will have to click on the spoiler to finish this quote:)
"I want it, Madison. I want him to f*ck you in the powder room while I sit here with these stuffed shirts.(view spoiler)[ I want you to come back to this table with your cheeks flushed and his cum inside of you.” (hide spoiler)]

The last 30%
It was meh for me however I did like all the characters and I was happy with the way it ended. It was just to anticlimactic. It was kind of like this big build up then....nothing.

I think this book is definitely worth reading because I know people would love it and be completely fine with no drama....I like a little drama though...sorry:)

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