Bully (Fall Away) - Penelope Douglas

Bully (Fall Away, #1)Bully by Penelope Douglas
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“You’ve already made me cry countless times.” I raised my middle finger to him slowly, and asked, “Do you know what this is?” I took my middle finger and patted the corner of my eye with it. “It’s me, wiping away the last tear you’ll ever get.”


I'll be honest when I started this book I didn't think it would live up to the hype, yea sometimes Im cynical like that.....but I was soooooo WRONG about this one!!! I started reading this book with a sour little expression on my face....thinking to myself, "yea whatever I probably won't even list it on goodreads because 2 chapters and I'll be done it can't possibly be that good."

Welllllllllllllll OMG I was soooooooooo WRONG....I know I already said that but I feel like I should reiterate it!!! This book stayed on my mind all day....I couldn't wait to get the kids to bed and start reading again! Their story draws you in and you just don't want to stop.....it's that kind of book you want to finish in ONE sitting!

He's a dick....plain and simple! But he's a redeemable dick:) He has tortured Tate through most of her highschool years....even though they were best friends growing up. Did he have a reason?

Well does any bully have a reason? Not really but once it all comes out in the wash you kind of get a feel as to WHY he did it even though it doesn't excuse it. He has had a tortured past that even Tate has no clue about.....he keeps his secrets very close to his heart and he lashes out at the one he LOVES.

"Jared indulged in my misery like it was candy. He had fed me to the wolves time and again, reveling in the unhappiness he caused. Jared, my friend, was completely gone, leaving a cold monster in his place."

Tatum "Tate"
God bless that girl because she was awesome!!! She took it like a champ but then she decided she was done and it was so beautiful watching her grow a backbone!

"Isn’t it about time you fought back?"

However every time she did fight back and she DID fight back...this thought always whispered in her head...

"This is how bullies are made. A voice in my head whispered."

These 2 were beautiful together whether they were at each others throats or trying to make amends.....your heart went out to them.

Bottom line it's a GREAT BOOK!!!! Another plus is the next book in this series is written entirely in Jared's POV.......I LOVE reading the male POV's so I'm very excited to start that book!!!

So I'm getting ready to start Until You (Fall Away, #1.5) I can't wait to get in his head!!!!

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