Sins & Needles - Karina Halle









I wanted to love this book...I waited until the 3rd book was almost out to start the series. That way I could devour them all in one sitting!!!!! You see my excitement level was high!!!

"But".....yeah I know why does there also have to be a "but"!!!!!!

However in this case there is because it just didn't work for me!

*hangs head in shame*

So for most of the book this is how I looked...

We will start with the good...

The things I liked about the book.
1. The writing - it was good, original and it did hold my attention through out.

2. The storyline was good, it flowed nicely and was interesting. There is a "but" that goes here but I will list it in another area.

3. Javier....DAMN I really liked him!!! I know he was kind of the bad guy, I suppose, but honestly his parts were the ONLY thing that made this book exciting!!!!!! Sad thing is his parts were few and FARRRRRRR between.

4. explanation needed:)


Now the things I didn't like
1. This is the but from above....Even though it was interesting and original I never, even in the end, felt a strong to connection to the characters. None....NADA!

2. Camden was boring....I'm sorry to all the Camden fans but it's just my opinion. He was too sweet in a not so sweet world. No...NADA!

3. Ellie...I couldn't get past the idea she looked dirty, like rolled around in the mud dirty. I'm not even sure why I felt that way. But I did like her character, I just never connected.

I wanted to LOVE it I really did!!!!

But did I...NO

So with all that said I will say that MANY MANY people loved this book and this entire series, so people should give this book a try. She's a great author this one just didn't work for's a ME issue:(

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