Reblog: How to make your comments-icon a link

Thanks Likest thou jelly within thy doughnut?! This is going on my Booklikes To Do List!





I often find myself wanting to click on the comment-icon under a post to get to the comments but always forget that I should scroll up and click on the post title instead.



So I figured I'll make my comments clickable. 


For that I edited the HTML of my template (Dashboard -> Settings -> Blog -> Customize -> EDIT Html, I'm sure most of you know their way to get there already)


Find this line: 



(should be in line #248 for theme #2) 


As you can see the icons for Favorite and Reblog are right above it. 


So I simply added this to the line: 



saved my HTML and refreshed my BookLikes blog. Now my icon for the comments is clickable and takes me to the single post as well. 

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