Phallus of the Stone God (Extreme Size, Virgin, Fantasy Erotica) (Erotic Tales of the Barbarian Empire) - Celia Demure Let me start by saying this book was absolutely hilarious!!!!!! I love funny books, what can I say!! "Maalchus, the lustful god of fertility and the harvest, had to be appeased. That could only happen by offering him a prime virgin: an unspoiled maiden who’d just recently reached her eighteen-years-old coming-of-age."The problem was the Gods phallus was........wait for it.........two feet long!!!!That's right but what else can the young, petite, innocent virgin do? She has to save her people's harvest and she's the chosen one. She's going to have to take one for the team here....literally:)))))Oh the tough decisions young maidens have to's just overwhelming!!"But it is my DUTY, she told herself. I have no choice but to submit." "If all she was—in this moment and forever—was a convenient tight c*** for the shaft of the God Maalchus to sheathe itself in … SO BE IT!"So the sacrifice is made in front of all the towns people, everyone came to watch and guess what ORGY breaks out...duh!!!!! I hope you weren't excepting something logical, have you read the title of the book yet? Well there's your answer!So the sacrifice is made and all is well is the land.Well not really there is a second book!! If you want a good laugh READ this BOOK!!!!! It's absolutely hysterical!!!!!!!!