Revelry....this book blew me AWAY!!

Revelry - Teambella23





"It's a f*cked up feeling to love someone so f*cking much that you let them f*ck with your head in order to save theirs."


This book is not an easy read it's cruel and harsh.....but it's real and that's why I LOVE it!!





It's a boy meets girl book and they fall in love, they use each other and form a tight bond to make up for the lack of affection they receive from their rich parents. Now I say boy meets girl and falls in sounds sweet...huh?


It's not!!! Their story is far from shows how recreational drug use can eventually turn you into a monster and YOU will destroy everything in your life.


E's demon was a bitch.....constantly calling his name.....


"It's a beautiful creature really, so f*cking enticing. Cocaine is the sweetest whore, a fucking home wrecking slut but she is beautiful and a small part of me will always love the murderous bitch. Coke was there for me in the sickest f*cking way. I might always be grateful to her for that."


The only thing he loved more, was Bella, she was his obsession....and Bella's obsession was Edward!! They live and breathe for each other but they also destroy one another at the same time. However B isn't innocent in this either she's a cutter, and she uses it to control him.


“People have strong feelings against self-injurers.......There is something beautiful about scars of all nature… a scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed and done with.”




He's the only one that knows she does this......and it tears him apart. He uses the drugs to escape and the cycle begins! I could go on and on about's by far one of the best books I've read!!! It's tragic and beautiful at the same time.


These two are soul mates...even through all the shit that they suffered they were always "home" when they were together. This book has such a beautiful proves that people can go through the bad shit and still come out HARMED but's just perfect!!! The ending isn't over the top but it's just as it should REAL life....a struggle but a good one!!


Healed but not perfect....but nobody is perfect!



This a note from the me if you can't tolerate what she wrote do not read this book!! "If you have a problem with rough sex, drug use, crude language, cutting, death, or stepmoms fucking their stepsons, move on. Seriously, I took the abuse with Closer but I will not take it here. Revelry and my other two stories are for the hard core, we don't play with bullshit here. We all appreciate a little romance, but we won't be looking at the stars at the same time around here.


So there is your warning, take it or leave it"