On Deck - Kate Sherwood " I didn't know you were going to go shopping for the occasion." He smiles wickedly. "I'm flattered, really." He steps a little closer and sniffs the air. "Damn, is that cologne?" He reaches a hand out to Dan's face, laughing when Dan jerks back. "Dude, I don't even need to touch to see that you're fresh-shaved." His smirk is very self-satisfied. "You got all dressed up for me, Dan!"Dan and Evan finally have their date and they don't fight....well barely;))))) Evan takes Dan to do something completely different, they go sailing one of Evan's favorite hobbies. There is a also a surprise for Dan in this novella...I'm going to tell you what it is though, you need to read the series to find out:)))))This is a novella in the Dark Horse series...this one was short 32 pages....it was good though!!