Head Shy - Kate Sherwood This was one of the best 114 pages I've EVER read!!!! The last 10 pages was off the charts HOT!!! Absolutely fabulous!!!! This is a novella in the Dark Horse series but it read like a full book to me. I am a little partial though because I have fallen in love with these books!!In this book Evan, Jeff and Dan are trying to communicate better and for the most part it's working out. Jeff and Evan are also trying to get Dan to over come one of his "fears" I guess you could call it.Let me tell you it's a HOT drive watching that unfold......I needed one of those "ovary explosion" signs...good LAWD....it was HOT!!!!!!Yes Bradley...that"s exactly how I felt.....WOW!!!!!!!"You're so fucking beautiful when you're laughing." He brings his hand down and glances at one of the other paintings, leaning up against the side wall. "Of course, you're pretty damn fine when you're pouting, too." "I wasn't pouting, asshole. I was being quiet"Chris is here, which is Dan's best friend, and he is a riot at all times!!! He's now working for Evan, so we get to see a lot of him in this book. I've got my eye on this guy....not sure where his character is going but it makes me nervous...I do really like him though because he's sooooo hilarious!!!"Danny!" Chris's voice roars from the hallway. "You'd better be decent, man, 'cause I'm coming in." Dan only has time to say, "You just had to hire him, didn't you?" before Chris is in the room, charging towards the bed. "Dannybear!"But the best part is watching Dan unfold....little by little...you get a little more with every book and I LOVE it!!! There's NOTHING rushed in this series, everything develops slowly but wonderfully."The mask." Jeff says quietly. He smiles at Dan. "You're right, everyone's got one. We just maybe didn't realize how honest you've been being with us. We thought you were just always like that, always showing your emotions." He reaches out his foot and presses his ankle against Dan's. "But really, you could have been hiding all the time, and you hardly ever did." He shrugs. "You ran every now and then, but… you didn't hide." "You okay, Tex?" Jeff asks, but he doesn't sound too concerned. Dan figures it's pretty damn clear that he's okay. "Yeah, I'm good"Great book!!! Loved it!!! Go read this series!!!! This isn't a stand alone you would have to read the first two books to understand the dynamics in this book.