Into the Light - Kate Sherwood This short novella is Ryan and Chris' story......Chris is straight...or so he THINKS;))))"I don’t know. I mean—I’m straight. You were right. But—yeah, maybe there was a bit of a vibe. Is that weird?” “I’m pretty irresistible, really.” Ryan leaned back in his chair and smiled smugly. “I have this effect on a lot of people.” I snorted. “Yeah, okay.”Ryan is Dan's friend and at one point his almost lover and Chris is Dans's best friend and he works for Evan. Evan also hates Ryan but not going into that because you need to read the books to find out why;)Ryan is so patient with Chris trying to ease him into this new "mini-midlife crisis." It's so cute because Chris is usually so confident but not so much now.....he's extremely confused and unsure about what he is doing. This book had me smiling the entire time I was reading!!!"Not totally sure, no. But—I’d be up for dinner, at least. If you want.” And then the nerves came back. “Or some other meal. Or some other time. Or, not at all, you know, if you’re busy. I mean, you just got back to town, and I’m sure you’ve got stuff to do with the band, and everything.” I finally managed to stop. “Or if I need to wash my hair? Was that going to be next?” Ryan sounded amused,"Of course everyone finds out about Chris' new identity crisis and Evan, being his sarcastic self as normal, decides to give him some advice........"Evan shook his head, his face serious. “No, man, if you’re going to be gay, you need to learn the rules. You have to tell all your friends everything about your sex life. In graphic detail. That’s the way it goes. The whole ‘don’t kiss and tell’ thing—that’s just for with chicks. With guys, you don’t have to pretend to be a gentleman.” He waited for a reaction, but I didn’t know what to say, so he continued. “Also, you’ll need to start wearing your pants a bit tighter—men are visual, and we want to see the goods. And if you could figure out some way to develop a slight lisp, that’d be best, I think.” “You are the worst gay-guide I’ve ever had.” Evan is still my favorite:)))))))This is a short book only 75 pages, it wasn't my favorite novella in this series but it was good:))))Pick up this series and READ people you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!