Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux Welcome to New Orleans...The Big Easy.....Home to Voo Doo priestess, party revelers, jazz, creepy crawlies of all sorts and lets not forgot a few ghosts here and there...the land where ANYTHING goes!!!And now Ty and Zane have been there done that and got the damn postcard for it!!!!!!!Remember Ty has lived here before and knows this city..."...thereā€™d been a heady seductiveness about it, something dark and rich and tempting. Ty had almost succumbed to its charms."This book has a little bit of everything we've grown to love with our favorite couple! Gunfights, life and death situations, plotting, planning, voo doo, manipulation, love, hate, sex, making up, trouble of all sorts and I am sure the list could go on and on!! We also got to have the Sidewinder group here with us throughout this book and it was very interesting watching them all work together.What made this book different was there were a few UPS but there were lots and lots of many that my heart hurt for them both because I love them dearly. Although I will have to admit this, Ty is my fav......I just love him! Secrets were revealed and trust was lost.......many things were said that eventually tore the to two of them down. Will they pick up he pieces, READ IT and find out!!! I can't give ALL the secrets away;)"I love you. You love me. We know what we have can be strong. Stronger."In the beginning I was dancing and in the end I'm still dancing! I absolutely loved this book!!!!!! I couldn't put it down!!!!! I CAN NOT wait for the next book....lets just say it ended with one HELL of a cliffhanger!!!I also want to say THANKS to the author for giving us these two characters...I absolutely LOVE this series!!!!!!!!!! Maybe addicted is more appropriate because I am addicted to these characters!***buddy read with Blacky and Vishous*****I may add more later but for now that's it! Go READ it and enjoy!!!!!!