On Dublin Street  - Samantha Young "Shit, fuckity, shit, fuck"......I loved everything about this book! I didn't want it to end, I want to wrap Braden up and keep him! Braden...well he is a fabulous book boyfriend, good lord he is sex on a stick, he's attentive, loyal, smart, sexy as hell, good looking, a silver tongued devil and did I say just pain fabulous..I think I did. Joss or Jocelyn, which ever, is perfectly flawed, her character was wonderfully written. I loved her because she was strong to a point, witty, vulnerable, anxiety ridden(like most women), feisty and lovable! Another major point for me with this book was the inner dialogue it was great and hilarious, like Joss thinking "You ever had a shotgun bullet blast through your stomach? No? Me neither But..." And the whole meerkat analogy in the beginning of a chapter, it was just too funny and at the same time it was absolutely true and in line with the book. But my favorite was ..........shit, fuckity, shit, fuck!!! Look forward to reading more from this author!