Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill This book is about Love and Acceptance....... "Accepting what people are, what they can't change and loving them with every part of yourself anyway. That's what love is about."If I had to describe this book in one word it would be.....DELICIOUS! It was simply beautiful from start to finish. Even through their struggles and hard times, I was still so in love with these two characters.This book is about Marcus and Thomas' and their journey to find love, trust and acceptance. Acceptance not only with each other but with their families and their past as well. The Characters Marcus he was rich, powerful, sexy, an alpha male, gorgeous from head to toe, stubborn and had a mean temper. But his love for Thomas was so beautiful! Thomas....oh Thomas he was my favorite. He was good looking, a southern boy, an artist, a submissive and completely unaware of his appeal. I fell in love him more and more after every page I turned!!! This is what Thomas thought of Marcus, "What he did know was that Marcus' way of taking him over fed his soul the same way his painting did. It fulfilled a yearning inside him that had no names. No form, only a dense substance that could choke him with feeling, like now."I absolutely loved this book. It portrays everyone's need to be loved and accepted by someone no matter their differences in life. It was poetic and filled with so much emotion, from sadness to happiness and everything in the middle. I'm not very good at writing reviews and I will never be able to give this book the review it deserves but if you haven't read it you should start it......SOON!Oh yea, by the way, this book was HOT too, on FIRE!!!! "Then give me your pain, Master. I can bear it as long as I know your lips will touch every mark when you're done, signing it as your work."Happy reading!!!!!