The Fifth Favor - Shelby Reed WOW!!! What a treat this book turned out to be, I was glued to the pages!! Adrian and Billie's story fascinated me."Pleasure for pleasure. Truth for truth. Injury for injury. Equally given, equally received."Adrian....he was so mysterious, guarded, fascinating, sexy, aloof and down right YUMMY!He was a high priced escort....YES.....basically a male prostitute but a mighty fine one. I'd have to throw some money his way;) He had been in this profession so long that he was basically an actor. He seduced women, said what they wanted to hear, did what it would take to pleasure them and collect his money. He did this night after night for 8 years at the lovely establishment of Avalon."...the quintessential prince of Avalon. Her finest hour. No one could supplant the dark, sultry swathe he carved through Avalon's halls."Billie is a reporter for a women's magazine called Illicit. She is innocent, but worldly, kind, honest and could possibly be Mr. Adrian's ultimate downfall. She interviews him for an article she's writing and the build up begins!!However the one thing she wants from him is for him to be his TRUE self not the actor that he portrays everyday. Can she break him down and get this or will he simply tear her heart out?Well basically that's true for Adrian and Billie. However once it was all over it was so beautiful!! The build up was amazing, you just wanted them to tear each others clothes off and get down to it!! However at the same time you didn't want that because that's how everyone treated him, it was the first book I understood the reasoning for waiting and the anticipation had my mouth watering!!That's all I'm going to give you, bottom line READ the book! It was fantastic, hot and mysterious. I look forward to reading more from this author!