Maybe Baby (Baby Series, #1) - Andrea  Smith Hot damn that was a loooonnnnggg book......but it was a GOOD one!!!Trey Sinclair and Tylar was love at first....ARGUMENT for these two!They met at the stables, Sinclair Stables to be exact and the meeting didn't go so well. "Probably just a rich, spoiled kid that grew up into a rich spoiled man and still didn't like to share.....Pompous ass. Piss on you, Trey Sinclair!"Now now Tylar calm down because you might end up loving this rich pompous ass;)Trey SinclairHe is rich, born into wealth and he is a lawyer. He is also drop dead model gorgeous with piercing blue eyes. He has a huge issue with control and is very high handed most of the time. He is extremely yum yum eat'em up delicious!!!Tylar PrestonShe is your average college student working a summer job, her job just so happens to be at Trey's family's stables. She has huge family issues due to the fact that her Mom is a CRAZY b*tch! She's beautiful and well rounded which is surprising due to her past and everything she had been through.But they were beautiful together, the fighting, the making up, opening up to one another slowly.Do you know how exquisite you are, Tylar? Do you know how much I have wanted you since the very first time I laid eyes on you?"Well it didn't go quite that smoothly.....but Trey is damn near irresistable!!!!This is book has so many ups and downs, twists and turns, it was WONDERFUL!!!! It had a little bit of everything, I'll give you a quick run down because quite frankly the book is too long and to much went on to give a complete synopsis of everything.Here we drama galore, mystery, traumatic injuries, SEX, virgin issues, past relationship problems, jealousy, who's the baby daddy, horse shows, smart mouths, crying(which happened a little too much and almost got on my nerves), trust issues, hospital stays, and much more but I'll leave some for you to find out on your own.There's 2 more books in this series and I can't wait to read more about these two.....this book was refreshing to me, I LOVED it!!!