Blacque/Bleu - Belinda McBride Welcome to the town of Arcada it's a magical and mysterious place, once you arrive you may have to stay because the town it's self may not let you leave. It's full of all types of wonderful creatures...vampires, shifters, fae and many more.In this town is where we meet Blaque and Bleu. Blaque is a werewolf and he's also very fond of men but has suppressed his sexual urges for 34 years because he's scared of admitting the truth to his pack. Bleu is an old Vampire struggling with an illness and needs the blood of a werewolf, just so happens his neighbor, Blaque, is one and Bleu is quite fond of the shy werewolf and has been for years. This my friends is where the story begins!!!!What a beautiful story it was...two strong men who have lusted from a far for many years....all I can say is WOW it was beautiful, intense, hot as hell...I guess you get picture!They both decided that they would have one weekend together, get each out of their systems. However, sometimes emotions and feelings get in the way and you simply can't help yourself. The pull of that other person is so strong that no matter the reason you've chosen to give them up you CAN'T! My ThoughtsThis book flowed was intense but mellow but at the same time. I absolutely loved it!!! The chemistry between these two characters had me glued to the pages. The drama that revolved around the pack was also very interesting. I loved all the characters that were introduced and I HOPE that Dane and April will have a book of their own!!!! Honestly I was not expecting this book to be as good as it was, however sometimes we find gems when we least expect too!!! I'm so very happy I read this book on a whim!!!Give it a try I'm sure you'll love it!!!!ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review