Fighting for Flight - J.B. Salsbury Jonah and Raven“Look at me, Raven.” I do as I’m told. “You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever known. You’re kind, smart, funny, gracious . . . I want you. And that includes everything that makes you who you are."UFC heavyweight fighter, Jonah "the Assassin," he's one of the biggest players in Vegas. He uses women for one purpose and then he's done with them because he thinks all women are gold diggers at heart. He has no time for trying to wine and dine but then one day he needs a car restored and stops by a local mechanic's garage, where he finds Raven.Raven is a mechanic who specializes in restoring old cars, she's beautiful, innocent and "awe struck" when she meets Jonah. Not typical of any mechanic I've ever seen but it's a book not reality, so I let that slide. The thing is Raven has had a horrendous past, her mother is an escort and her Dad is the pimp. This poor girl has been ignored by her Mother her entire life, she's never had affection from anyone. Her Father has been fairly absent in her life but everything in Raven's world is about to change.“If only everything were like that. It’s not easy to do: owning and accepting the pain of our past, the heartbreak, our misgivings, and using them for good. Make our lives better not in spite of it all . . . but because of it.”So she agrees to restore the old Impala but not at her garage, she's agrees to restore it at Jonah's house in HIS garage and the story begins. It was a fast developed relationship, he realizes quickly his standard for judging women DO NOT work with Raven because she's like no one he's ever met and our heavy weight fighter falls in LOVE!“I’ll make it my life’s mission to make up for every second you were neglected.”Do they go through ups and downs...YES. You can't have an escort, a pimp, a Vegas celebrity and Las Vegas as your background and not have some drama!!!! But I'm not going to tell you about the drama because you need to read it to find out. “This whole time I thought I was living. But the day I met you, the lights came on. You fill me with things I thought I’d never feel again."My Thoughts on this bookThis book was weird for me because I liked it but I wasn't in LOVE with it, which is why I gave it 3 stars. However I liked Jonah and I think Raven was perfect for him but the story was too predictable, I knew what was going to happen a few times WAY before it happened. The reason I used "weird" is because normally this would have made it difficult to continue but that didn't happen here, I still WANTED to read on. The other issue I had was I wanted Raven to be a little more confident and at times she was but other times I felt like Jonah was treating her like a piece of fragile glass. That being said, she's never had affection from ANYONE so I kind of saw the reason "why" it was written that way. Overall it was a good read, if your looking for straight up romance with a few twists thrown in then it would be perfect for you;)My favorite character in this book was Blake.......he had me cracking up every time he opened his mouth!!! One reason I'm glad I read this book is because his book is next. Will I be reading his book....YES. I'm going to give you a few of Blake's quotes in spoiler form;))))))“What could possibly go wrong?“Let’s get this party started, motherfuckers!”Oh, shit. Blake.”“If I flip a coin, what are the chances I’ll get head?”Eve turns to Blake, her jaw wide open, and closes her magazine with a smack.“Eww, Blake. That’s gross,” I say through a fit of giggles. “Please tell me that doesn’t actually work on girls.”“Raven, a little later we can play Titanic,” he calls over his shoulder. “I’ll yell ice burg and you can go down"“Dude, if practice makes perfect, you should have your PhD in sex. Pretty sure you won’t screw it up.” I can't wait for his book!!!!!!!!!Go read it and make your own decision;)))Buddy read with Vishous