One of my fav's!!!!

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie -  Jennifer Ashley







“You are a rogue and a scoundrel, and I love every single second of it.”




Lord Ian Mackenzie was deemed a lunatic at an early age by the courts and thrown into an asylum until his brother, the Duke, rescued him a few years later. He is known as the "Mad Mackenzie." He has rages and quirks that most people just can't comprehend in this time in history. He is also extremely intelligent and can remember conversations verbatim. Oh yea did I mention is he tall, gorgeous, protective and sexy as hell? Well he is, so go ahead and check those of the list too.


“There, my dear, goes an eccentric.”....“Mad as a hatter. Poor chap lived in a private asylum most of his life, “and he runs free now only because his brother the duke let him out again..."


He does not understand feelings, he can't tell whether people are joking, happy, sad and he doesn't know how to love.


“Explain to me what loving feels like, Beth. I want to understand.” “The love for another’s body. But also love for their heart and their mind, and for all the silly things they do, no matter how absurd. Your world brightens when they walk into a room, dims when they leave it again. You want to be with the beloved so you can see him and touch him and hear his voice, but you want his happiness as well. It’s selfish, but not entirely so.”


He meets Beth at the opera and he's immediately drawn to her in the same way that he's drawn to his Ming pottery. He knows she's worth keeping and he will do anything to have her as his wife.


“Your being with me makes it stop. It’s like the Ming bowls—when I touch them and feel them, everything stops. Nothing matters. You are the same.”



Beth Ackerley is a widow of a vicar and she inherited enough money to be comfortable from an heiress she worked for. She's not really looking for love, just a partner to spend time with. That is until she meets Ian and everything changes for her and I do mean everything. He is just so easy to love...well I think he is anyway. She is also strong, proud and doesn't back down to no one.


“Do I love you?" “I never understood before. It’s like fear and hope, both warm and cold. All mixed together.”


So the story begins and it's is so beautiful watching the transformation in Ian. Just little things that we do everyday and take for granted he can't do.....things as simple as eye contact. So watching him learn and want to do things for Beth.....its swoon worthy!!


This book has it, madness, sorrow, suspense, borderline crazy family, family ties, twists, sex, courtesans, and so much more. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book and I can't wait to start the next one:))



“All of us are mad in some way,” Very well said Ian, we are ALL crazy in our own way!!!!!!!!!! Each and every one of us have issues and quirks that will drive someone crazy.


It was very interesting to me and very real how she portrayed the views of mental illness from a stand point in 1881, even a case as Ian's which by today's standard would be considered a mild from of autism...I would think.


I can imagine to this very proper society it was deemed crazy and eccentric, where as we probably wouldn't blink an eye to it. If you like historical books or are willing to try one, this is the ONE to's absolutely fantastic! I just can't put into words how beautiful it is but read it and find out for yourself!!!!!!


I'm going to put in 1 more quote that was my favorite even though it really has no meaning as to the story line other than maybe how Ian's mind works.


“He stared at the droplet, something inside him singing at the perfection of the ball of ink, the glistening viscosity that held it suspended from the nib. The sphere was perfect, shining, a wonder. He wished he could savour its perfection forever, but he knew that in a second it would fall from the pen and be lost."


Buddy read with was verra good V:))))))