Outlander - Diana Gabaldon I read this book over 2 years ago, I got it from the library. I didn't think much about it...didn't know anything about it when I got it. I started reading and the first 90 pages were slow and boring, I almost gave up, thinking "this just isn't for me." However then it happened something changed and I was addicted to it.....this is a LONG book and I must of read it in 3 days...everything just stopped for me and I couldn't get enough of Jamie and Claire. I absolutely loved them and their beautiful sometimes tragic story!!! I'm writing this now and it will be quick bc it's been to long to write a detailed review because at this point all the books somewhat run together for me, however over 2 years later I'm sitting here thinking about this book and these characters........that to me is what MAKES a book "5 stars!" You may have a different book that affects you this way and it may not be this one but when you remember it years later that is what makes a book outstanding!!!!!!!!Boring review....yes....I know and it doesn't do this book any justice but I just had to write it because this book or this series is just one of my all time favorite! I still need to finish the last book and I may do just that after I finish this current series I'm reading:)))