Diamond Girl (G-Man, #1) - Andrea  Smith "My feelings had to count for once. If they didn’t, then I hadn’t learned anything from the past nineteen years of marriage to the mannequin. I was done being that person that allowed someone else to define their existence."This is a book about trying to find yourself... What am I? What do I want?Sammie has been told what to do her whole life. She got pregnant as a teenager and was forced to marry......she was a wife to someone she didn't love. Well now she's DONE, she's 35 and her daughter, Lindsey, has gone off to college. Her douche bag husband, Jack, travels for business so it's time for Sammie to figure out who she is.So she takes some pole dancing classes......she loves it. So she finds a job where she can show off her new skills. It's quick cash, the establishment that she works at she doesn't actually have to strip, so it works for her. Yeah I know most places clothing isn't an option but it's fiction people just go with it.That's where she meets Slate. He's a biker with the Outlaw motorcycle club, or is he? He's hot but he's also very mysterious. Of course our sweet Sammie notices him and things get hot people!!!!! "I gazed up into the very intense blue eyes of one of the bikers. He was tall and muscular; his thick, dark hair hit just below the collar of his leather jacket. His face was rugged, yet young. He was gorgeous."However Slate has some BIG secrets and some of those secrets concern her family. Because remember she's still married but Slate doesn't care. At first he came across as an overbearing jerk and I couldn't understand why she would go from one controlling jerk to another. However Slate redeemed himself quickly!!!!This book has lies, cheating, drugs, motorcycles, law enforcement and best friends who stick by you no matter what happens. If you don't like cheating this book probably isn't the book for you, although her husband is such an ass you will completely understand her reasoning. I enjoyed this book and all the ups and downs that went with it. There were a couple times I thought I was getting a little bored but then BAM something would happen and I was speed reading again. I loved the ending and I've already started book 2...it's about Sammie's daughter Lindsey and, Slate's friend, Taz. Book provided by the author for an honest review