Love Plus One (G-Man, #2) - Andrea  Smith “What’s on the agenda, Taz?” “We’re going to my place,” he replied very matter-of-factly. “We’re going to fuck.” “Wait,” I sputtered, finally. “What?” “What part didn’t you understand?” he asked, glancing over at me” My response to that was gimme some....PLEASE!!!!!So I'm gonna start with the things I liked:1. Taz was all kinds of hot!!! Yes, he was!!!!2. Lindsey was a great I really liked her...she wasn't whiny she was fabulous! She knew what she wanted and didn't care who approved...mainly her mother.3. I loved that Slate and Sammie were a huge part of this story but as side characters....they didn't over shadow the MC's.4. The storyline is still loosely tied to the first book, so we get some closure there.5. Of course we get a very sweet HEA:)6. I love reading series with the same characters, I feel like I get to know them so I love it when they continue on with the books, as these characters have!So that was my moving on:)Things that were so-so for me:Let me state when I say "so-so for me," it's just my opinion, it doesn't reflect anything towards the's just a personal thing for me.1. Lindsey needed her "V" card swiped. Now books about virgins hit a touchy spot with me because...well I know it's freaking fiction but dammit it should hurt and they shouldn't have an orgasm. OK maybe I'm mean because I want them to hurt and as I said it's fiction.2. Well there was a scene in the book I felt a little uneasy about, it was a tragic horrible thing.....I can't tell you with out spoilering but it was just terrible. I typically don't read books with that in them so it took me by surprise. If you want to know what it is read the book;)3. There was some medical things that went down....I'm a nurse so I hate reading about what I deal with everyday. So those were my "so-so" moments....caused me a little shoulder shrug.The book as whole was good! I'm glad I read it!!!!I would love to get Taz alone in a room for about an hour or 2 because....Happy reading everyone!!Thank you Andrea for giving me an arc!!!