Ambrosia (Book Boyfriend, #2) - Erin Noelle “If you love something, let it go, and if it’s meant to be, it’ll come back’ or some shit like that."The love triangle is back....Scarlett has returned from her 8 month disappearance and guess who's arm she runs back to....cue the drums!!hahahaahaha! I'm not telling!!But just know that all points of the triangle will be visited in this book. Hell at one point I thought we might be moving toward a square....but that was just an.....It's crazy good too!!! I liked this book better than the first because I love mega ANGSTY books and this one definitely delivered for me. So now let's visit our teams:)Team MasonScarlett is his angel.There is a lot of Mason in the first half of this book but then his music calls him away. So that puts a definite strain on their relationship, plus his manager is his ex and she's with him. Also when Mason gets pissed off at the wedding......PERFECT!!!!!All of that equals to mistrust and jealousy flying rampant.........I love jealousy in books.Will they work it out or will she run back to her "soulmate?"********************************************************Team AshScarlett is his butterfly.Ash is kind of there through out, popping in occasionally to plead his case for hurting her in the first book. But honestly I felt like he was too soft in this book for me. I don't know I just didn't like him as much in this one.....sorry to all the team Ash fans but that's just how I feel.The whole "soulmate" thing, well I just didn't get that same feeling with her and Ash as I did the in last book.*********************************************************How ever Scarlett never actually chooses either of them, it always seems like circumstances or issues push her in one of their directions....she never chooses one over the other.I want her to CHOOSE.....of her own freewill..... because in the end of the book Mason's stupid actions make her go running to him.Although I would run to Mason too...I bet you can't guess which team I choose...Happy reading everyone!!!!!!!