Dazzled - Jane Harvey-Berrick daz·zle 1. To dim the vision of, especially to blind with intense light.2. To amaze, overwhelm, or bewilder with spectacular displayNot so sure I was Dazzled but I can't really say I didn't like it either.....I'm just some where in between. And for some reason the in between books are the hardest for me to write reviews for......while you don't love them you don't hate them by any means!This a book about childhood best friends, Clare and Miles.Miles is an actor he lives in London, which is where he grew up but he's moving to America to persue his film career. He manages to land a huge film role and skyrockets to fame. Only problem with Miles is he's completely insecure and unsure of his new lifestyle. So he calls Clare to come and stay with him over the summer because she has a calming effect on him. Clare is a quirky, curvy, and witty college student and Mile's best friend. They grew up next door to each other and have been friends....a LONG time. Clare generally speaks her mind about everything except her love for her best friend. That she keeps to herself because why would her gorgeous BFF want her?Or so she thinks.....could he love her too? Read it and find OUT!!!!!They are both British....their comparisons of British and American terms and just the American lifestyle in general compared to their own had me cracking UP!!!!However as far as my general opinion of this book....YEA no I wasn't Dazzled. It was a sweet easy read for me.I mean saccharin STICKY sweet with RAINBOWS shooting out of it. And there my friends lies the issue of why I wasn't Dazzled....I'm not a huge fan of sweet books. So it's a ME problem not a book problem.Another issue I had....I felt like Miles needed a more of a backbone. He was just so insecure and I know in real life it would be completely normal and plausible for anyone male or female to feel the way he did but this is fiction and I like my men a tad more alpha...hey it's just me!Let me say that if you are a fan of sweet books I honestly think YOU would love this book!!!!. These are just personal issues, the book is well written and definitely worth a try if you like this genre!!! This author wrote one of my most favorite books, [b:The Education of Caroline|17229636|The Education of Caroline (The Education of..., #2)|Jane Harvey-Berrick|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1357874562s/17229636.jpg|23744006], so trust me when I say her writing is GREAT!A bonus in this book is you get dual POV's......I LOVED that!!!!!**arc provide by the author's agent, Lisa Ashmore, for a honest review**