Unattainable  - Madeline Sheehan












“Dimples. They were going to be the motherfucking death of me.”






Damn them dimples!!!!!!!!! But shit...who am I kidding I couldn't have denied Cage if I tried!!!! Tegen she's loved him since childhood........hard core biker or banker or whatever job you want to insert.....when you know you love someone you know!!!


However you may not be happy about it!!!!!!! It is what it is...hahahahaha!


Tegan is crazy...she's a fireball!!! She hates that she loves Cage, after what happened to her Mother in the previous book she also hates the biker lifestyle.






I liked her ALOT because she spoke what was on her mind....she did NOT care who's feelings it hurt. I liked her honesty and fact that she truly didn't mind pissing everyone off to get her point across.



Cage is a bad boy so OF course I lurveeeeed him!!!!! I LOVED his filthy mouth and his fits of jealousy when he finds out who Tegen has been living with in San Francisco! Let's just say our man Cage is not a happy about it!!


This what Tegen thought of Cage....


"He became the cockiest, most self-centered, self-serving, egotistical, narcissistic, and depraved motherfucker I’d ever met in my entire life. Which, when I think back on it, is probably why I fell even more in love with him."


YES COME TO MOMMA!!!!! I love those type of men!!!!!


Tegen usually drove him insane but he kept coming back for more!!


“Fuck, he loved her. He fucking loved the shit out of her. She was crazy. She was loud and demanding and meaner than hell sometimes. She didn’t listen to a damn thing he said, she did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted to do it, and the bitch loved to fight. All the damn time. Face slapping, shin kicking, balls to the wall, knock-down-and-drag-out fights. But she fought like she loved. Hard”






There is another storyline in this book...Dirty and Elie's. I wasn't very excited about that when I first started reading this book. However those two really grew on me and I ended up loving them!!! It didn't overtake Tegen and Cage's story and that was my biggest fear. There's been a lot of books lately where the secondary story takes over the whole damn book!


The first 30% of this book was ok and that scared me because I always expect great things from this series....however to me nothing will be as good as Undeniable! You don't get a character like Frankie in just any book I will never forget that crazy ass for as long as I live!!! Ok let me move on....by 50-55% this book, to me, became a page TURNER!!!


I was laughing, I wanted to punch people, I wanted to slap Duece right in the FACE!!! These are all the emotions I love to feel when reading.  


So all in all great addition to this series!!



By the way I saw on facebook that Dorothy, Jase and Hawk's book will be next.......all three interesting:))))))