Lying Season

Lying Season - Karina Halle People let me just say....THIS BOOK IS CRAZY GOOOOOOOOD!!!Yes people that good!!!!!!! It has every thing and every thing is FABULOUS!!!It has....Spooky parts....if it scares you just read those real fast....a quick peek will not hurt you!A bitchy girlfriend....some one needs to put her in her place!!!! One can only be nice for so long then it's ON!!!Crush on a boy.....I love Dex too!!I could go on and on but Dex and Perry are great.....every book gets better and I fall in love a little more each time!!!!!I'm off to start book 5 because this has a huge cliff!!!! I mean HUGE, I'm sooooooo happy that I waited because it was ipad would have suffered from my anger!!!!I'm not writing big reviews for these books because one wrong word could be a huge spoiler........I want everyone to be surprised so I'm not giving anything away....READ it with a blank slate only knowing they are will not be disappointed(well after you get through book 1) once you get past that it's fantastic!!!! Pick it up and read!!!!!