Dark Horse

Dark Horse - Kate Sherwood I'm going to start by saying that I absolutely LOVED this book!!!!!!!!!! I don't give a lot of "5 star" ratings but this book, to me, is a 5 star book!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!!"Jeff’s eyes are intense, and his voice has lowered as well. “I’m not blind, Dan. Of course I like shiny things. And I like them even more when I find out that they’re not just pretty on the outside.” Dark Horse is a journey through a VERY rough spot in Dan's life, he has lost or is losing, everything he has ever loved. It's very emotional but also very beautiful and REAL at the same time. Dan is a horse trainer, he loves his job, loves his horses but he is at a very uncertain time in his life. He has some very BIG decisions to make through out this book and watching or reading him struggle with those decisions took me through every possible emotion known to man! The story begins when Jeff, Evan and Tatiana show up at Dan's farm to buy a horse for Tatiana who is Evan's little sister, she's 15. These aren't your average old trail horses they are expensive highly trained eventing horses but that's ok because Evan is loaded, how he came into his money is another sad story but I'm not going in to that in this review...sorry. Jeff is a also a trainer, or riding coach, and Evan's boyfriend. Jeff, Evan and Dan meet and the slow simmer begins. Yes we are going to have a love triangle and it's a fabulous triangle;))). However it's not the insta-love you get with most books it's a slow build because Dan just isn't sure about anything anymore, he's lost so much and he's struggling with his place in this world, with these people, his job, every aspect of his life is changing."Overall, it was a good day, and he drives through the falling darkness with a fresh sense of confidence and the idea that someday, somewhere, he might find a new place where he belongs."The first part of this book, probably the first 40 to 50%, is sad and I mean sloppy crying sad. I don't typically cry when I read books and I usually don't like sad books but there were a couple of times that I teared up and almost lost it. The thing I loved about it was the emotions were so REAL and TRUE, it was sad but beautiful at the same time, these are events that could happen to anyone, it wasn't over the top craziness like you get in most books, just real life stuff. I know I'm not saying much about what happened in the book just my feelings but I'm scared I'll give to much away and spoiler it. "“Okay, here’s the thing… I like you. Totally apart from sex.” He looks over at Dan. “When I first met you, I wasn’t sure you were gay, and I still thought you’d be a good guy to hang out with. I mean… I hoped you were gay… a lot. I hoped a lot.” I loved all three of these characters, equally, and they are all so different. Dan of course doesn't know up from down due to his emotional struggle with all the changes in his life. He's not sure about anything but he's trying to figure things out and find his place in Jeff and Evan's life. Evan is rich and headstrong but he's trying to tone it for Dan because he knows he can be intense however, sometimes he just can't get a grip on it and I loved that about him...he made me laugh MANY times through out the book. Jeff is older than Dan and Evan, maybe early 40's, and he is laid back....cool, calm and collected. He has to reel Evan in ALOT.“Dan, sing me a lullaby,” Evan whines. “Go fuck yourself, Evan.” Evan snorts. “Well, since you won’t….” “So, if I got up right now and climbed into bed with you, you’d turn me away?” He puts enough teasing in his voice to let Evan know that it’s not going to happen. Evan responds in a similar tone. “I don’t know—why don’t you give it a try?”Evan cracks me up I love him:)))I wish I was better at writing reviews but I'm not so all I can tell you is this....this book was wonderful and amazing and I'm sooooo glad I read it. I'm also very HAPPY that it's a series so I'm not done with Evan, Jeff and Dan's story yet. In a word this book was beautiful. Now I'm off to start book 2:))))))