Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (Highland Pleasures Series #2)

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage -  Jennifer Ashley "Now I dare you, my fine lady from Miss Pringle's Academy: From which part of my anatomy would you like to lick this cream?"Can I answer that question? PLEASE.....let me answer!!!!!!!! This book 2 in the Mackenzie series and I will have to say that, once again, I'm in love with another Mackenzie brother. Good lord these men are so delicious and they wear kilts..........YES I said KILTS!!!!!!!This is Lord "Mac" Mckenzie and Isabella's story. They were married 6 years ago but they have been separated from each other for 3 years. However they have always remained deeply in love with one another. Now circumstances have brought them back together and Mac will stop at nothing to win Isabella back."...understand this: I want to take you to bed and have you wake up with me, unashamed, no regrets, no tossing me out before anyone catches us. I want your trust, whole and unblemished. I will keep fighting until I have that," Mac is wealthy by his birth right and a renowned artist because of his talent...he is also handsome, tall and Scottish. He doesn't sell his paintings but gives them away to his friends and relatives. The art is what is what brought them back together when Isabella finds a forgery with Mac's name on it. Mac also paints in a kilt and bandanna.....that's it!!!!! Now as a lover of all things artistic, this image is now burned in my head and had me panting through most of the book....I just had to share that with you all.Isabella is a strong and beautiful woman, she's not typical for this era, she stands up for what she believes in, even from Mac. She knows how she wants to be treated as a wife and she will not accept anything less than the standard she has set. Issues I'm not going to tell you what they are... and Mac has to live with Isabella, he is determined to show her he has completely changed his life around. His painting has even suffered through all his changes, he needs his muse back and Isabella is definitely his muse. She just isn't so sure because Mac has a gypsy soul and loves to wonder about. Will he change her mind and show her how much he loves her? I'm not going to tell you but I will say it was a beautiful journey!"If anyone can tame the wild Mac, it's you." "I think I don't want you tame. I like you wild." "Do you? That's encouraging."In this book you get forgery, house fires, doppelgänger, erotic portraits, children, honestly, love, death, family ties, hurt and mystery. My ThoughtsI absolutely love this book and this series as a whole is fantastic. I just don't know what else to say, if you are looking for a great historical series pick it up and READ people!!! Buddy read with my friend......Vishous!!!!!!!!