Afflicted - Brandon Shire Buddy read with Sarah, Anna and Rachel!!! Starting tomorrow!!af·flict[uh-flikt] verb distress with mental or bodily pain; trouble greatly or grievouslyI know a lot of people loved this book and as sad as I'm to say just didn't work for me. I felt as if the characters were very underdeveloped and not given their place in the book. The constant describing of all the senses and smells took over the actual character development. I realize some of this had to occur due to Hunter being blind so that we could understand, see and feel from his point of view. Because honestly I did enjoy the few parts in the book where Hunter and Dillon actually talked and carried on a conversation. However, those parts seemed few and far between. Another aspect that annoyed me was that Hunter always described Dillon as someone with body odor...that really bothered me. No one wants to get it on with someone who, "smells like a prison." To further describe that comment he elaborates and says, "He smelled of feet and armpits and ball sweat...." The point was he wanted it RAW and WILD and that's fine but I draw the line at smelling like armpit!Next....the no condoms bothered me. It may not have been an issue if the topic of AIDS hadn't come up in the book and a lot Dillon's friends had died from it. That's all I'm going to say about one.Bottom line is the book and the characters were just a bit to over sensitive for me. I like books just a little more on the edgy side. However, for someone who likes this style of book I truly do think they would enjoy it. The writing is fabulous, so I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading the book. Quite honestly I think everyone but me enjoyed it!!! So please read it and form your own opinion!