Out of the Darkness (Dark Horse Series)

Out of the Darkness (Dark Horse, #2) - Kate Sherwood Let me just start by saying that before starting this book I had doubts that it could be as good as the first book in this series, I'm very happy to say I wrong...very wrong...this book was even BETTER than the first!!!!!So did I love it.......Yes I DID!!!!!!!!!In this book Dan is settled in California and trying to battle his past and trying to figure out how and where he fits in, with this love triangle. Evan and Jeff are trying to be patient with him and help him through all this but tempers flare up very often. “Dude, a big emotional talk and then hot sex…. The first one is Jeff’s perfect night, the second one is mine. Put them together, and we’re both happy as damn clams. We absolutely want you there. Jeff was the one who suggested it.”There are many issues that arise through out the book...jealousy, old boyfriends and emotional scars. However in Dan's defense he is coming in to an already established relationship so a lot of his insecurities are normal reactions that I think most people would have. Which is another reason I love this series because it's real feelings and emotions, there's no insta-love here....it's real and true.“Well, fuck, man, what do you want me to say? Nothing’s changed. When I’m with you guys everything’s great, but sooner or later I have to go back to reality, and… things aren’t so good there.”It's funny too...you go from sad to laughing quickly. Evan is hilarious and at times over bearing but I love him!!!! Although I will say this book is NO where near as sad as the first book. “Little Women? Are you shitting me? I can’t think of a way you could be any more gay.”“Maybe if I stopped sleeping with women… and, holy shit, that’s what I’m gonna be doing, right? If it’s just you and me and Jeff?” He shakes his head. “That will make me quite a bit more gay!”Also the sex, WOW, it's HOT!!!! Dan may have insecurities in the relationship but he has NO problem between the sheets.....he's very "take charge" in that department! "Evan breaks into his thoughts with a giggle, and then turns to Dan. “Seriously, Dan, do you ever bottom? ’Cause you are the toppiest son-of-a-bitch…..” Jeff laughs..."My ThoughtsI love loved loved this book and these characters!!!!! They have moved up my list and are now beside Ty and Zane for my favorite m/m series!!!!! There's not much more I say about it because you would just have to read it to understand......in a word fabulous!!!!! Or maybe addicted because I can't get enough of them!!!! Now I'm off to start another one in this series!!!