Rocked Under (Rocked, #1)

Rocked Under (Rocked, #1) - Cora Hawkes Move over Travis Maddox because Scott Mason just walked in the room.......and I LOVE him:)))))"From the moment I saw him on the stage, I was a goner. I may as well join the fan club and wear the bloody T-shirt."YES........and I want T-shirt too!!!!!!!!!! This book is just the kind of CRAZY I needed! Fantastic...if you love books like Thoughtless and Beautiful Disaster.....this is YOUR book!!!!! It's a constant push and pull...who's going to break, who's going to give in.....who's going to get jealous....have I pushed to I need to push harder....more ...more...more.....until at some point someone is going to BREAK!I'm I making you CRAZY worries because this book will!!!!!!!!! It's a roller coaster ride from start the very last word!!! Scott Mason is a man-whore, a singer, gorgeous, pain in the ass, mysterious, he cant keep it in his pants either and I secretly love him.....YES dammit he's fabulous................but did I mention "pain in the ass?" “You're right, I’m not your type. I’m not a slut.” I raised my chin defiantly. He turned abruptly, his brows pulling together as he studied me. “What the fuck is with you?" Emma.....sweet sweet Emma! She's just moved to the US from England and she meets Scott after one of his shows at a local hangout. She's already heard ALL about Scott and his exploits because her cousin, Ashley, has known him a LONG time....since elementary school."I'm Scott, by the way.” “I know. Your reputation precedes you.""So, basically, you sleep around because you can get away with it and you think that having a girlfriend would hold you back and you'd get bored."........ "Why? Were you thinking of applying for the position?"Emma and Scott's story begins and it's fast paced and an absolute train wreck.........which is my recipe for a 5 star book!!!They are crazy about each other and share some very sweet intimate moments, talking and getting to know one another, but it's always in the back of her head, "will he treat me like all the others?" Love me and leave.......would he do that to me? Should I put myself out there to just get hurt? So many questions which lead to so many actions and those actions I just can't talk about:)))). You'll never know until you try Emma!!! You might end up loving this bad boy!!"I want you so bad, I can't take this shit. The first night we met, it was like being hit by a tornado all over again. You entering my life was a huge event and you shook and shifted everything for me. I want you to be mine and," he paused, "I want to be yours."If you haven't figured it out yet....I loved this book!!! I want MORE and lucky for me there is a book 2, the downside is I don't think it comes out until August. For all of those worried about a cliff there really isn't one, the ending just sets up the start of the next book but it isn't a cliff.....just a new start for the next episode;)PS...Travis Maddox I still love you so disregard my first comment...I'll just have to make room for Scott too;))