Groupie (Groupie, #1)

Groupie (Groupie, #1) - Ginger Voight Um Um Um.......I love me an angsty book and this one definitely delivered! Vanni the bad boy rockstar you love and hate his guts at the same time. Andy... I love her, first because she's an average curvy girl not a stick figure and second because she's just a regular girl. Andy and Vanni are like each others choice drug, they are horrible for one another but they can not help going back for more. Graham, who is Vanni's boss, the owner of the record label and Andy's other romantic suitor....he is sweet, patient and very in love with her. Poor Graham I just don't know if he will ever be enough to erase Andy's need for Vanni. Toxic love...I love it and now on to Rockstar to read the rest of this crazy story!