Reckless (Thoughtless, #3)

Reckless (Thoughtless, #3) - S.C. Stephens I'm done and dammit it was GOOD!!! This series was fabulous!! 1,000 pages later and I'm HAPPY to say I enjoyed them ALL!!!!!!I'll probably write more on this later or not, I'm undecided. It's a long series too much to rehash and bottom line is with these books your either going to read them or your not. And for most that decision is made after Thoughtless. I'm not going to try and sway anyone's opinion, my opinion is obvious...I LOVED every ONE of these damn books!!!!Kellan Kyle is sexy as other words to describe him.......every woman's dream!Kiera you are one lucky b*tch...that's all I have to say! But wow did she grow up too!! The one thing they both learned in the 1,000 pages it took to get there was, honesty and truthfulness will get farther than anything;)Buddy read with Vishous!!!!