Dangerous to Know & Love

Dangerous to Know & Love - Jane Harvey-Berrick "He didn't care what people thought about the way he looked. He knew that his tats, his piercings, the way he dressed, gave people a giant f*ck off message, and that suited him just fine. That sh*t was deliberate."Daniel Colton is moody as hell, good looking, smart, rides a Harley and lives with his brother Zef who sells drugs. He has had a tragic life losing his parents 2 years ago and having to be raised by his brother, who has no idea what he's doing. He has a secret... a BIG secret. Not many people know this secret outside of a chosen few.He doesn't want people close to him because he doesn't want people to know. So instead, people just think he's rude but really deep down he needs someone to lean on....he just doesn't know it YET.But he will real soon..........Lisanne turns him upside down."You have to walk a mile in another man's shoes before you can judge him."Daniel meets Lisanne when they have to do a project together for a business class. Typically Daniel is of the lov'em and leav'em mindset but Lisanne does something to him and he just can't get enough of her. Lisanne is a good girl so she's some what taken aback by Daniel with his tattoos, piercing and foul mouth.However once you start spending time with someone people learn your secrets.....sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it can be bad. In this case it's GOOD really GOOD!!"You hold back so much of yourself. You don't share your problems with me; you want let me in. But you make me and you've shown me who I want to be, too. You're so strong and so gentle all at the same time."These two helped each other overcome lots of stereotypes......I can't explain this to much, you would just have to read it to understand. They are very good for one another but totally opposite in every way!Good girl meets bad boy:))))))My personal thoughts......well I enjoyed this book...it was an ok read for me. It was just a little too sweet for me. However most people love sweet books so that's not a big issue. I just prefer a little bit of drama with this genre. I loved the twist that this book had I will have to say this is definitely original in that aspect. Pick it up read it you may love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!***ARC provided by the author for an honest review***