The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2)

The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2) - Kristen Ashley





“He is a savage. Tales of his exploits have spread wide. Very cruel. Heartless.”


King Lahn or Dax Lahn if you speak Korwahk



He is a savage and me likey savages!!!!!!!! He was so perfect in every primitive way possible!! The people that he ruled, the Korwahk nation are basically savages, the warriors pick their brides in a hunt.


Yes people a hunt!! All the beauties of many nations are basically kidnapped and the warriors, of this race of people, get to pick their bride but then they have to hunt them and battle for the rights for her. If you lose well tough shit, you should of fought harder!


It's crazy....but CRAZY GOOD!!!!!! Like crazy good I would like to be in the hunt...I mean these warriors fighting for you.....



Of course Dax Lahn, or King Lahn, won his prize because he is BADASS!!!! OMG I cant even explain it properly......he's just that good!!


Now he has his bride...his Queen...Circe. She's the Golden Queen...his Tigress. However, Lahn didn't get a submissive female from his world. Oh no no no.....Circe comes from our world.


He just doesn't understand this woman telling what to do but he REALLY really likes his little tigress!!! Or as he would say, "Kah Lahnahsahna." So he's trying and bless his savage heart he does try!!!!


Circe has now become one of my all time fav female book characters. She was great, I loved her character because she was intimidated by Lahn but at the same time she wasn't...she stayed true to herself through out and gave a few concessions but so did he, so that was understandable.



These two are fabulous together!!!! This book takes you through a lot of ups and downs with them but it's so worth it!!! This books was crazy, gruesome at times, beautiful, it was literally a little of everything and... I loved IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sometimes with books I REALLY love I don't know how to express how great they are and this is one them!!! Honestly I'm not a huge KA fan but this book to me is fantastic......these characters will remain with me for a long time!!!


buddy read with Vishous and Blacky:))))))