Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend, #1)

Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend, #1) - Erin Noelle Who knew she would show and up in cowboy boots and all the boys would fall at her feet! Scarlett you naughty little's those innocent one's....and I do mean innocent that gets all the boys front and center!But I'm a country girl so I personally thinks the cowboy boots helped;)So Scarlett's off to college and out from under her OVERLY controlling parents, she's ready to spread her wings and live HER life. She's went to an all girl school her entire life so she's never had a boyfriend but all that is about to change for our sweet innocent Scarlett.Girl meets boy...this boy his name is Ash. He looks like surfer with his shaggy blond hair, she's immediately attracted and drawn to him. But their relationship is weird he wants them to just be friends, he wants her to live life and not get tied down. '“The attraction, the connection, I feel towards you is so strong, it scares me..... if I had a taste of that sweet innocence, I would completely consume you… and that wouldn’t be healthy for either of us. You need this time for yourself.”But even though they are friends there is a VERY deep connection between the two.Ash calls her his butterfly....Girl then meets another boy.....damn now shes got 2 fine ass men....his name is Mason. His touch electrofies her....sets her on FIRE!!!!! He is covered in tats and piercings .......Holy mother of little bunnies everywhere he is delicious every time the author described him, I wanted to crawl in the book and devour him. “He was used to being the center of attention and had probably never been denied by a female in his life. I knew that his arrogance should have turned me off and made me run the other way, but there was something about his cockiness that I found irresistible, and his drop dead good looks didn’t hurt either.”........“The guy oozed with pure, unadulterated sex. I was so out of my league”Mason calls her his angel......awwwwww so sweet!!How could a woman know what to do in this situation...wouldn't you be kissing them both?I know I would!!! Oh and they are both man whores.....just shoot me now because I've died and gone to heaven.....I love reading about man whores!!“Why was it that I was insanely attracted to male whore musicians”I don't know why but I ask my that daily too sweetheart:). Then something tragic happens, to someone very close to Scarlett. The person she thought would be there for her makes a very bad decision and hurts her badly.In the end she claims she knows who she loves.But which one will she choose in the end? Is that really the best one for her?I'm still completely undecided which one I like more because honestly I would NEVER be able to choose between these two;)Book 2 here I come!!!!!!