True Love Story

True Love Story - Willow Aster “It has been a year, two months, and seventeen days since I last saw him. Two years, ten months, and five days since he broke my heart..."And Ian and Sparrow's saga begins.....This book takes place over a 5 to 6 year span. Ian a is a musician and Sparrow a college student and up and coming writer.They meet at a restaurant and it's basically love at first site. Instant Attraction....Sparks flying all over the place!!!! However the time just wasn't right for them. She moves away to college but they always seem to find a way back to one another. Finally they decide to have a relationship but he is always traveling and she's in school so they have MONTHS of separation at times. In Ian's favor he did warn her many times he was trouble.“I don’t know what I’m saying, Sparrow. I am trouble. You should run now. Run while you can”Separation can do funny things to can make them stronger or they can fall apart. I'm not going to tell you what happened but let's just say they had some problems....BIG problems. However they were still madly deeply in love with one another.Will they make it? Will love be enough?“But then you loved me. I don’t know why, but you did. And something small inside of me grew and I hoped that I could be all that you saw in me. I love you, Sparrow Kate Fisher. I love you so much, it hurts. I love you so much, it’s taken over right here—” he puts my hand on his chest."Forgive or not to forgive.....that is the question!!!!!!My thoughtsThis book was good, it didn't consume me though. I never felt a strong connection to the characters however I could definitely see how some people COULD love this book. Something just held me back and the weird thing is I can't decide what that THING is. One thing I definitely wish would have happened was more written on their present instead of their past. But all in all it was a good read I just didn't LOVE it like I thought I would.It's definitely a book to consider if you like the New Adult genre:)