Hot Ride

Hot Ride - Kelly Jamieson My thoughts....Well this book fell flat for me. First let me start by saying that it is a romantic suspense, well I suppose it was supposed to be. The characters Ryan and Sera are undercover agents working for the ATF and DEA. They were infiltrating a hardcore motorcycle let me stop right here and elaborate. First the motorcycle club didn't at all seem hardcore, I just never got that scary edgy vibe when reading about them. The impression I took from them was "motorcycle gang" not club. Then there was Sera and Ryan or "Sara and Tommy" which was their undercover names. Now these two were about as transparent as glass! Who meets an MC and with in two maybe three weeks your asking for a shit load of drugs....I don't know it just bothered me it was so freaking unbelievable. These two would of been choked out in the real world! Ok enough of on to the sexy stuff. At first I have to admit I was really liking this book, I thought the two characters had great chemistry. That scene in the motel with Manny in the same room was hot...when he said "open" I was like "hell yea!" Then it just stopped I swear from that point on it just stopped.....flat! I didn't even think I was reading the same book. I never felt a connection after that with Sera or Ryan and I hated that because people had written such great things about this book. All in all it's definitely not the worst book I've ever read, I just don't think it was for me however I'm not discouraging someone else from giving it a try.