The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1)

The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling Jack and CassieGirl meets boy......and of course they fall in love!!They meet at a frat party and even though Scarlett has been warned of his "player status." She eventually falls head over heels in love with the star pitcher of the baseball team.“He was beautiful. And he was charming. And a man-whoring pig. God, what is wrong with me?”Oh yeah and he looked good in that tight baseball uniform....WHEW!!“It’s irritating how good he looks in his uniform, right?” I jerked my head back toward her. “Seriously. Why does he have to be so hot?”“’Cause he’s a jerk. Jerks are always hot,” Melissa reminded me with a nod.”No worries it's a weak spot for all normal women;)The first 50% of this book was such a sweet and beautiful romance. How one girl could turn this bad boy around and make him worship her......sooooooooo sweet!!Then Jack gets drafted to the big leagues so they have to figure out a way to make their love survive in a long distance relationship.That's where it became MY KIND OF BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And why was it my kind of book you ask?Because everything went WRONG in the last 50%..........LOTS LOTS LOTS of favorite!!!!I wanted to scream at Jack........His decisions were absolutely terrible....just when I thought it couldn't get did!!Cassie had rules to follow, that she herself made....Rule number one: Don't lieRule number two: Don't cheatRule number three: Don't make promises you can't keepRule number four: Don't say things you don't meanYea that's good and all but.....I will just say after reading this roller coaster of emotions....the ending was beautiful! Let me repeat myself though I love these uber angsty books and I know some people don't so read with caution!I quit highlighting quotes after 50% because it was just so good I couldn't take the time to swipe my finger....that's why there's no quotes for the last half...sorry.But remember in the end there is an HEA and it's sooooooooooo sweet!!!Happy Reading!!!