Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1)

Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1) - Christine Zolendz Grace has been searching for her long lost love and I mean looooonnnnnggggg lost love.......for.......get this 1000's of years.Yea there's a little paranormal twist with this book.....lucky for me because I like PNR:))So she's searched and still searching saving herself for her true love but, and here's the catch, she doesn't know what he looks like now. Damn gotta hate that.So every time she tries to get close to a guy something just pulls her back and she can't follow through with it.She moves in with her friend and meets Shane. Shane is all kinds of panty dropping hotness! He sings in a local band and ALL the women love him. Grace just thinks he's a man whore and she isn't shy, which is why I love her too, so she tells him exactly what she thinks about him...quite often.“You know, Shane, the people that walk around you every day?  Each of them has a life separate then you.  Pasts, pains, loves and losses.  You don’t know me.  I am a hell of a lot more than a fifteen-minute screw, and sadly, most of your other friends are too. You just don’t ever see that from between their legs”Still shes drawn to him and doesn't understand why.......I could tell her why because he's all kinds of delicious!!“Lean toned muscles stretched beneath the skin of his tattooed arms. One perfectly sculpted hand caressed the mic stand; the other ran through his perfect hair.  His husky voice whispered its song. It silenced the crowd as if he was a god.”But why is she drawn to him? What is it about Shane that she can't seem to stay away from him? Why does she constantly have butterflies in her stomach when he's around?Read it and find out!!Lots and Lots and Lots of sexual tension in this book....OMG it was great!! You just wanted to smash them together and tell them to DO IT already!! This book has a HUGE cliff....thank goodness the other book is already out or I would have exploded if I had to wait.....the cliff is that BIG!!!!!