Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2)

Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher "I have done a number of things to keep this man. I have lied and cheated. I have been sexy and meek, fierce and vulnerable. I have been everything but myself.""My name is Leah, and I will do anything to keep my husband."You my dear Leah are PSYCHO but I LOVE reading about crazy ass b*tches even if I don't like them;)This book is Leah's POV in the Love Me With Lies series. It alternates with past and present chapters, so basically we get to see WHY she's such a b*tch and all the dumb sh*t she's still presently doing. I really can't tell you all details because a lot of it is linked to the first book, so you get to see her rationale for acting the way she did. Basically it all boils down to this....she's obsessed with Caleb but she's more obsessed with coming out on top, being the winner so to speak."I won, fair and square. The b*tch had him between her fist, and I took him back. Why is my f*cking prize trying to divorce me?"WHY WHY WHY because you didn't win him with love, you won him with deceit!!!!!!!!!! She truly does just want to be loved, she just has no idea how to go about it! In her past, which we also got a glimpse into, she's never really felt loved by anyone. But grow up Leah, quit being a self-absorbed BRAT!!!Finally her and Caleb talk, he asked her a question and for once she was honest and told him the truth. However it uncovered one of her BIGGEST LIES!! There were many just so you know;) Her and honesty don't suit one another because now Caleb is pissed and DONE!!!!! Because just as much as Leah is obsessed with Caleb he's equally obsessed with Olivia. The circle continues:)"Is this how you want to keep him? By manipulating his emotions?"YES because that's what she's good at!!!Because you my dear Leah have NO idea how to do anything RIGHT!!!!!I can't say much more without giving everything away but for me I hated this book so bad that I LOVED IT!!! I couldn't put it down!!! There is also a baby involved in this book and I can't even go into that other than to say she is the WORST mother or maybe the worst case of postpartum depression I've ever read about!This series is GREAT and I can't wait for Thief, it's Caleb's POV!!Buddy read with Andreea!!!!!