Tangled - Emma Chase OMG this book was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!Yup....that was me the entire time!!!!!Everything that Drew thought...everything that came out of his mouth was hilarious!!!Now meet Drew, he has a very high opinion of himself.“See that guy—black suit, devilishly handsome? Yeah, the guy getting the blow *** from the luscious redhead in the bathroom stall? That’s me. The real me. MBF: Me Before Flu.”“Okay, maybe that’s not exactly true. But I can’t help it if they see me, fuck me, and suddenly want to bear my children."See what I'm saying.....he knows he's the sh*t and doesn't mind telling you about it. He's definitely not the shy type of fellow;). But how the mighty can fall......when they meet the right woman. He meets Kate in a bar and he is instantly attracted, her not so much....or so she thinks."“She’s magnificent—angelic—gorgeous. Pick a word, any fucking word. The bottom line is, for a moment, I forget how to breathe.”However, Kate isn't a push over....oh no....she's one tough chick and she doesn't fall EASILY to Drew's charms.“And I know women probably fall all over themselves to get your attention and one of your charming smiles,” she continues, “but that’s not going to happen with me. I don’t plan on being one of your groupies or a notch on your bedpost, so you can save your lines, your smile, and your bullshit for someone else.”Most of the time she's thinking......Watching this story unfold was the perfect mix of everything!!!!!!! I loved every damn second of it...the bickering and fighting, the insults, the sex......it was ALL fabulous! If you want to know what happens read it and find out I'm not telling you everything! But I will tell you.....you will not be sorry.....you WILL LAUGH your a$$ off!!!Drew one final thought...I LOVE you and your freaking crazy a$$ mind!!!!!!!buddy read with Blacky, Rachel and Vishous!!